Famous People with Bipolar:

Robin Williams

Famous bipolar entertainers are among the most visible sufferers of this disorder. The performing arts have seen the genius of many talented people with some form of mental illness, including bipolar disorder. Robin Williams, for example, was one of this era's most successful and admired comedians and actors, regarded by many as having been helped rather than hindered by his bipolar illness.

The category of famous bipolar entertainers is one of the largest lists of bipolar sufferers on this site, along with that of people in the music industry. And as with music, famous people from all aspects of this

industry are represented: actors and actresses, comedians, directors and producers, and screenwriters.

Lesser known but equally creative people in the TV and movie business, such as graphic and animation artists, could easily double this list if not for their relative obscurity.

Ned Beatty
Maurice Bernard
Jeremy Brett
Tim Burton
Russell Brand
Drew Carey
Jim Carrey
Dick Cavett
Francis Ford Coppola
Lindsay Crosby
John Davidson
Eric Douglas
Robert Downey Jr.
Richard Dreyfuss
Patty Duke
Emily Epler
Robert Evans
Carrie Fisher
Stephen Fry
Mel Gibson
Cary Grant
Shecky Greene
Linda Hamilton
Mariette Hartley
Kerry Katona
Margot Kidder
Haydn Ledger
Vivien Leigh
Jenifer Lewis
Bill Liechtenstein
Demi Lovato
Tina Malone
Victoria Maxwell
Kevin McDonald
Kristy McNichol
Burgess Meredith
Spike Milligan
Marilyn Monroe
Cheri Oteri
Nicola Pagett
Jane Pauley
Rene Russo
Don Simpson
Rod Steiger
Ben Stiller
David Strickland
Elizabeth Taylor
Norman Wexler
Robin Williams
Jonathan Winters
Catherine Zeta-Jones

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