Famous People With Bipolar:
World of Sports, and Misc.

Athletes and other people from the world of sports are also among the many faces of bipolar disorder. The list of some of the more famous bipolar sports people is shown below.

The sports list is followed by a separate list of people who don't fit into one of our other categories of bipolar people.

World of Sports

John Daly
David Feherty
Peter Gregg
Charles Haley
Chris Kanyon
Ilie Nastase
Jimmy Piersall
Barret Robbins
Wyatt Sexton
Alonzo Spellman
Muffin Spencer-Devlin
Darryl Strawberry
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Delonte West
Luther Wright
Bert Yancey

Famous Bipolar People from Other Walks of Life

Buzz Aldrin
Sigmund Freud
Robert E. Lee
Joshua Logan
Jay Marvin
Dimitri Mihalas
Sir Isaac Newton
Florence Nightingale
Clark Rockefeller
Timothy Treadwell
Mark Vonnegut
St. Francis
St. John
St. Theresa

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