Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

The discussion of Famous People with Bipolar Disorder is a popular one, for a reason.

That is the fact that the one "silver lining" to bipolar disorder is the disproportionate number of apparent bipolar sufferers who are among the most famous and accomplished people in the world, going back since the beginning of recorded history.

We say apparent bipolar sufferers because many of the artists, composers, world leaders and literary giants who appear on these lists lived centuries ago. Bipolar Disorder and manic depression were not being clinically diagnosed that long ago.

Honest Abe is believed to have been a bipolar sufferer

Medical professionals believe that people like Plato, Beethoven, and Van Gogh were bipolar sufferers, based on documented behavior and symptoms but not on medical or psychiatric examination.

Today's mental health experts have looked at the evidence and are pretty sure that most of these historical names were indeed afflicted. So, we are going along with the crowd on those names.

We did draw a line however to separate those people that we've found less consensus of being bipolar. Those people's names appear on the "rumored" Famous People With Bipolar Disorder page.

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ordinary steel gears. That special gear is intended to represent the one factor, whatever it is, that makes this webpage possible. Some aspect of bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism, and other mental disorders is driving many sufferers of these disorders to excel in their areas of interest and to become appreciated and admired on international levels.

Below are our lists of famous bipolar people, separated into categories for the sake of readability. Click on each to see the corresponding list:

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